Most people have heard someone needs to see your name 7 – 8 times before they make a buying decision. The fact is it may be more today than in the past. A while back I did a survey with a group of people I was training on Internet marketing. With this particular group it was closer to 15 timeson average they needed to see a vendors name before they made the decision. It is due to the amount of information floating around.

The fact is there is a lot of competition for our attention. Think about your own buying habits when it comes to the Net. Do you visit someone’s sight several times before pulling out your credit card? Do you need to get multiple communications from the person or company before the decision is made? Do you find you have more choices today than ever before and therefore you are extremely well informed when the time comes to buy?

If you answered yes, you are not alone. If it takes you a while to make a decision, you are not alone. This is equally true for your customers. If you are selling something on the Internet the sales cycle might be longer than you think.

The reason it is so important to keep your name fresh in people’s mind is due to volume of purchases made on any given day online. Additionally, the buying habits of many consumer’s have changed.

According to an article published by Key Note Publications LTD, "The growth in Internet retailing has brought a reversal in the previous male dominance of this distribution chain. Key Note research indicates that women are now the leading Internet shoppers, in terms of both volume and value. Elsewhere in the economy, new developments in both retailing and marketing are challenging those stereotypes that had influenced strategic thinking in retail."

Are you doing all you can to keep your name fresh in your markets mind? Are you creating value for those you want to have as customers? Are you a resource before you are a vendor? If not, now is the time to begin.

In success,

Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer