Is your business prepared for the unexpected? If not, read this….
A little more than six months ago, I was training for a marathon as a power walker. During one of my longer workout sessions, I hit a pothole and instantly broke my ankle.
I was literally stopped in my tracks. Knowing I would be laid up for a few weeks, I took the first few days to relax and enjoy lounging on the couch. This was a great opportunity to review my business to determine if it was structured as soundly as I believed it to be.
Fortunately things were very sound and there was very little, if anything, that needed changing or fine tuning with my business structure. To say I was grateful is an understatement. I was ecstatic that I could take some needed time off to heal and still see revenues continue.
With each passing day I realized I had been well served to design my business the way I had. Thinking it would be only a few weeks of inconvenience, it soon became apparent life had a completely different plan for my time than I did.
Without going into a lot of detail I can assure you my life has literally turned upside down in the past six Upside months. I have experienced what many baby boomers are experiencing with unavoidable family concerns.

Unlike the down time with my broken-ankle circumstances that began in September and have continued to this day (with no end in sight) have made it necessary for me to scale way back on my business activities.
For example, I pulled back on two things I absolutely love to do — teleseminars and radio interviews — but right now can’t do because of time. As you may know I used to do anywhere from 5 – 20 per month. Now I do 1 or 2 at most. There was a three-month period where I did none at all.
Yet, my revenues continue. Ironically, there are some people who tell me how lucky I am. Believe me, this is not about luck. It’s about foundation.
Often those who attribute someone’s success to luck are those who may not be willing to look deeper to see what went into laying a foundation that keeps revenues coming in for so many of us who do have sustainable businesses. Those who claim, “You’re so darned lucky,” simply want to believe success is about good fortune alone.
The fact is that I have built a very solid foundation for my business. Additionally, I run my business like a business. I also have multiple streams of revenue so that if one is no longer effective or I am unable to continue it due to other priorities, such as what I am currently experiencing, I don’t have to scramble, panic or move in fear of how I will continue to pay my vendors, my team members, my personal bills, take care of my slew of pets, and continue to contribute to organizations in which I believe.
The truth is I have set my business up in a way that I CAN take time off when I absolutely need and/or want to.
I have also been very consistent with finding the right mentors, continually investing in training materials and being smart enough to know that if someone has knowledge I need, not only am I willing to pay for it, but I will also apply it. Why in the world would I pay for something and not do all I can to get the greatest value from it?
Yet, application is something many people never get around to. I can’t tell you the number of times not only I, but many of my colleagues who also have extremely successful businesses, have someone who wants to learn our information, they take a cursory look, say they already know it all, and yet are not making any money.
A few days ago I had just such a situation. A woman who invested in one of my programs told me: “I already know everything you teach” in one breath and, then, in the next breath, said: “I get very irritated when experts try to sell me something else when I haven’t yet made a dollar on the Internet.”
My experience is the people who “know it all” and yet are not making a dime likely don’t know it all. Here’s what they don’t know or if they know it, they are not applying it.
•    They don’t seem to know it takes consistent effort, commitment and focus.
•    They don’t seem to know it takes a willingness to put in the time necessary to build your visibility, client base, credibility and market trust.
•    They don’t seem to know it takes being willing to admit they don’t know it all because the minute we think we know it all, we become un-teachable.
This disgruntled woman (who withdrew from my program) proceeded to advise me how I should structure one of my most successful programs to appeal to more people like her.
Hmmm – Let’s see. Take one of my most profitable programs with an incredibly high-approval rate and change it to attract more people who “know it all” but refuse to apply the information so they can tell me how dissatisfied they are.
I don’t think so.

Here’s another reason why I won’t change a program based on one person’s input. The feedback I receive from a great many members of this program is incredibly positive. Below is only one of the many messages I receive on a daily basis about the program.
“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the superb info in the VIP course.  It is very comprehensive, without the usual hype. Caught up with you, and my head is brimming with ideas. Thank you too for making the course affordable for South Africans.”
Like many entrepreneurs I began my business to make a difference in people’s lives. With all that has occurred in my life in the past six months, I have deepened my commitment to making a difference AND, as a top goal, teaching my clients and customers how to build their business as a profitable and sustainable entity.
You see, I know what it’s like NOT to be able to be there for a critical family situation due to not having the resources or consistent revenue stream that gives me the financial freedom to be able to do so now.
I also know how freeing it is to be able to “answer the call.” This is the space where I now reside.
But I also know I didn’t arrive at this place overnight. It was a result of knowing that building a lifestyle business gives me choice where none used to exist.
Do I believe others can do this? Absolutely. Do I think the majority of people will create this? No, I don’t.
This goes opposite to all those who say, “You can have it all.” Baloney.
Only those who dream big yet have their feet firmly planted on the ground and are willing to do the footwork will make this their reality.
I absolutely love working with entrepreneurs who are committed to their success. Men and women who believe success is about making a difference for their clients and customers, have complete integrity in how they conduct business, find their business a huge part of their life calling, and understand business is a long-term opportunity rather than a flash-in-the-pan experience.
If this describes you AND you are someone who dreams big AND has your feet firmly planted on the ground AND you want to learn my model for building a highly sustainable online business, then you will want to join me for what may be my only teleseminar offering for quite some time.
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