It seems at every turn there is something new that is the “latest and greatest” regarding social networking. As of late, FaceBook Fan pages are getting a lot of press. The challenge is in knowing if this is the next best thing to “jump on board” with.
Since getting booted of Facebook a few months ago, I am constantly on the watch for ways to optimize my Facebook presence, yet not risk getting kicked off again.
After a fair amount of research I have concluded Fan Pages are the way to go. Many of my colleagues agree.
Granted, there were a lot of mixed reviews early on, but now most people seem to be on board with the idea of having a Fan Page.
This short post by Dave Rigotti explains more about how beneficial Fan Pages can be.
As with anything, the pages are only as good as the people who know about them and join them. One way let folks know about your Fan Page and encourage them to join yours is to have a contest of some sort.
This is what I am doing with mine; on July 1st I will be giving away not one, but three 12 packs of my book The Law of Achievement. I will select the three recipients from those who are members of my Fan Page.
The book is a great gift idea and you might be one of the lucky three people who will have 12 you can give to others.
There’s absolutely nothing you need to do but join my Fan Page.
Do it now, while it is fresh on your mind.

To join simply click the Yellow Flag to the right of the title Kathleen Gage The Street Smarts Marketer in the blue bar near the top of the page.
To learn how to set up your own Fan Page, check out this video.