There is so much information floating around about COVID-19 and how many people are being infected that one is left to wonder what the good news is.



There is actually great news if we are open to it. Now is the time to reboot your system in order to strengthen your immune system.

Simple ways to do this is with what you consume in your diet and your mind.

It’s essential that you are aware of what (and who) you are surrounding yourself with. Watch what you put in your body and your mind.

Simple ways to increase your health is by having a clear purpose, using this time to reboot and regroup on your goals, eat to increase your immune system, and realize that this is it. What this means is, there’s no going back. This is where we are at this point in time.

Fighting what is will not put you in a productive mode. Face the fact that things have changed and go from there.

Make each day as productive as possible. Rather than hoping things will go back to how they were, move forward with the new changes underfoot.

Keep in mind, it is still very necessary to practice physical distancing, washing your hands, avoiding behaviors that will increase your risk and the risk of those who are most vulnerable and staying home as much as possible. Yet, it is also a great time to work on projects you’ve been craving to work on.

Maybe it’s a book. Perhaps a new information product. It could be launching a podcast show. Or, if you were planning on starting a business, use the time to do your research.

This does not have to be a time of immobilization. That will solve nothing.

Rather, plan your days out for maximum efficiency and productivity.

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