Over the last few days I’ve had numerous conversations with friends, colleagues and clients about thier desire to create more balance, abundance and purpose in all they do.
Additionally, most want far less stress in their life and business. The topic of meditation came up several times. What I know to be true is this; when I take time to meditate my day flows. When I don’t take the time, I’m more susceptible to reacting rather than responding to the ins and outs of my day.
“But I don’t know how to meditate,” is often the reason people give for not attempting meditation. This is likely due to not understanding how simple meditation can be and how many choices we have in how to meditate.
Over the last several decades I have tried countless methods for meditation. Some I really enjoyed, others not so much.
What I’ve learned is this; in anything I can take what I need and leave the rest. What I know to be true is this; for me, I NEED to meditate. It centers me, allows me to become very present, move into a space of gratitude and be much more effective in my business. I have a greater level of efficiency and productivity. I enjoy my business much more when I meditate than when I don’t.
For me, it’s simple; meditate to appreciate the blessing my business is to me and to my clients.
My friend, Debra Berndt, has one of the most pleasurable meditations I have found. It’s 16:09 minutes that puts me in a centered space to do what I am here to do.
If you’ve been seeking a way to create more balance, enjoy what’s in front of you more, appreciate the people you do business with and have a higher level of gratitude, why not give Debra’s process a try? I would venture to say you will be amazed at the results.
Rather than try it only once, why not commit to starting every day for a week off with Debra’s soothing process? It’s likely the energy you bring to your day will shift in amazing ways.