The gold is in the database! How often have you heard this? Anyone who has been around the Internet for any length of time has likely heard that it is important to build a responsive database in order to optimize their marketing efforts.
Unfortunately, far too many businesses fail to put ongoing effort or resources into building a solid database. Rather, they spend time on tasks that fail to get them the type of results they need to grow their business.

The fact is with a responsive database you can actually lower the cost of doing business while increasing the lifetime value of your customers. One of the number one ways to build a responsive list is to give visitors to your website or blog a way to leave you their name and email address. If you don’t you are missing a golden opportunity.
Granted, visitors are not as likely to leave their name and contact information as they were in the past. Yet, if they view you as a viable resource they are more inclined to do so.
So how do you position yourself to be a viable resource? It’s simple. Know what your customers’ problems are and offer solid solutions to their problems. When you do this they will be more inclined to view you as a viable resource.
Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer