Over the past couple of weeks I’ve hosted open Q&A calls where I hop on the phone and those who join in can ask me as many questions as they have in the time allotted. I’ve been offering these with no opt-in and no replay. It’s amazing how many people are showing up live. I suppose it’s because I am emphasizing no replay.
The calls are being very well received. Lots of great questions and interaction. Yesterday’s call was one of the best.
There were several questions about attending live events. Hands down, live events are incredibly beneficial and one of the best places to begin, or strengthen, joint venture and affiliate relationships.
Whether your business is Internet based or not, events are a definite must if you want to take your business to the next level.  If you’ve not been attending events you may be doing yourself a disservice.
However, it takes more than just going to an event. You have to be willing to “put yourself out there” to get the greatest return for your time, money and energy invested.
Years ago, I hosted lots and lots of events. I was living in Salt Lake City and promoted primarily in the local market.
When I moved to Oregon, nearly eight years ago, I changed my business model and focused entirely on virtual events. It worked well and my business continued to grow.
There came a point where I realized the combination of both was a great idea. After a short sabbatical from attending in-person events, I knew it was a great idea to go to a few rock solid events. Most required travel to wherever they were being held.
At the live events I was able to connect with men and women I had known online for some time and meet new people face-to-face.
It’s amazing how much of a bond you get with people you meet at  live events.
About 18 months ago I decided to once again host live, in-person events. Wow! What an amazing shift this was. Beyond great!
There was one big change in how I was offering events. Rather than focus solely on the local market, I reached out to my global community. The response was fabulous. People from around the globe attended.
Fast forward to today. I now host both virtual and in-person events. Each has their advantage in serving my market.
Here’s the next virtual event I’m hosting – The Power and Profits of Massive Visibility Livestream. https://powerupforprofits.leadpages.net/livestream/
The benefit to participants of the virtual events is you never have to leave the comfort of your home or office. A real plus.
Yet, you do miss one important aspect that only live events can offer; networking.
With live events there is obviously more of an investment for those attending, but the return on your investment can be incredible. I love hearing the success stories from participants about the relationships they began at one of my events. And even better is when someone tells me how financially beneficial the relationships are.
One woman told me she more than tripled her revenues due to the people she met at Power Up for Profits Live! in October, 2013. Triple!
In just a few months she now has more business than ever before.
If you’ve been thinking of attending a live event you’re in luck. Power Up for Profits Live! happening in May and I have a huge surprise for you – FREE tickets.
This event is going to rock it!elite image
When’s the last time you attended an event outside of your local community? If it’s been a while isn’t it time you quit hiding out?
And Power Up Live is a perfect environment for you to meet movers and shakers and build rock solid working relationships.
If you’re reading this you’re really in luck. Right now I’m giving a handful of tickets away to Power Up for Profits Live! May 15th – 17th in Phoenix.
All you need do is go to http://powerupforprofitslive.com/register.htm and claim your spot.
See you in the land of sun.
Go ahead and share this post with your friends. What could be more fun than attending a live event with your buds!