If there’s one mistake a podcast guest can make, it’s turning a potentially fantastic conversation/interview into an infomercial. Newsflash! Listeners and viewers don’t tune in to hear someone do a nonstop pitch. They tune in for high value information, storytelling, insights and conversation.

Yet, there are those who ignore this and use the time to sell their “thing”.

As an expert, if you do this, you won’t go far in the world of podcast interview opportunities. Hosts are leery of this, and hosts know hosts. They may warn others of people who are “red flag” guests. This simply means the person is not an ideal guest.

Hosts want their community to feel like their time is well invested.

Podcast interviews are a great way to get your message out to a wide array of people. They are also great for marketing your products and services.

Yet, they are NOT intended to be infomercials.

Two things you can do are….

1. Create lots of value with your content
2. Promote the episode to your community. The host will appreciate it.

Generating Revenue from Podcast Interviews

One expert I recently talked with said that she generated tens of thousands of dollars in sales from a show she appeared on.
“It was great. All I did was talk about health, mentioned my blog and website and the sales came in. Didn’t have to sell a thing. That’s not my style anyway. I love bringing value to people. The rest takes care of itself.”

A client who is in the art field made an $8,000 sale on her first ever podcast interview.

“I talked about art, my retreats, and other ways I help people tap into their creativity,” she told me. “Imagine my surprise when I asked one participant how she heard of me and she quickly responded, “On a podcast show.”

Another client swears by podcast interviews to sell her books. “All I do is reference something from the book and sales happen,” she said.

Yet another client has gotten several author clients as a result of podcast appearances.

Is there opportunity? Yes.

Can you make money with podcast interviews? Absolutely. Should you overtly sell? 99.9% of the time the answer is a resounding no. Let your expertise, knowledge and insights do the selling.

Of course, you do need to have your systems set up in a way that you are easy to find on social media, your website is fully functioning and your offers on your site are clear. That should go without saying, yet, many people have no social media presence, their website is hard to navigate, and they have no information on their products and services anywhere to be found.

Make sure all systems are go. Then go for it! Get on podcast shows.

Another power-packed marketing strategy is a podcast tour. This can be done with very little cost, other than your time for interviews. Not sure how to get on shows, reach out to a host and put a tour together?

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