productsI just finished interviewing an expert who works with experts who want to dominate their market. I asked Greg, “What’s one thing you can recommend to any entrepreneur who wants to build their business?”
“When you’re an expert, do all you can to gain celebrity status within your market,” he replied.
“Okay. That’s great, but how does an expert do that?” I prodded.
“By creating signature products and getting lots of media, both traditional and online, as possible,” he calmly responded.
He went on to say, “Far too many people think they need hundreds of thousands of followers to make a dent. This is not true. You’re better off having a very defined niche and going deep into that market. But you definitely need information products.”
If you’re an expert and you have yet to create your first information product, isn’t it time to start?
Here’s a very simple strategy to get your first product off the ground in record time.

  • Find an expert you can interview
  • Record the interview
  • Turn into an MP3

It’s really that simple to create a product. But obviously there’s more to it than just recording one expert. And then comes the marketing and selling.
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