Do you give free content away in the form of eBooks, eReports, teleseminars, MP3s and videos? If not, why not? If yes, is it high enough quality that you could justify charging for it?
An area there seems to be a lot of confusion (and hesitation) with is whether or not to give information away. I say, “Give it away! And give lots of it away!”
“But if I give it away, why would anyone pay me?” is the concern I most often here.

The fact is, you can give great content away and still generate incredible revenue streams.
I think most people would agree we live in a” try before you buy world.”
Many people want to “test the waters” with your information before making a substantial investment. Why not let them?
The problem does not always reside in giving the information away. The greatest challenge can be in asking for the sale. It’s amazing how many people are uncomfortable asking to get paid. Holly molly. If you don’t get paid, you don’t have a business.
Back to the topic of giving information away. Be willing to offer great content without getting paid. If you’ve done a great job of providing stellar information you win on many fronts.
You’ve gained the trust of the market. You’ve begun to build a nice relationship with whomever got your information. And you have created a win for the person who opted in.
Here’s a great example. The following 3 part video series is definitely one I could charge for. Even though I would make money with this I would much rather use this series as a way to introduce potential customers and clients to my information.
Why not see for yourself what I mean. Simply opt in to begin receiving the information right away.
Fair warning though. This is more than a 3 minute video series. Be sure to put time aside to enjoy it fully. And… have pen in hand so you can take notes.
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