Lots of people want to create information products but aren’t sure where to begin. Or, they make the process much harder than it needs to be.
The fact is information products are simple to create and can be done much quicker than many people realize.
Today I witnessed four leading experts develop a brand new product in 90 minutes. That’s right … 90 minutes.
I was in the session today at NAMS and watched David Perdew facilitate an amazing, fast paced discussion on product development. The group of experts included Jeff Herring, Lynn Terry, Mark Hendricks and Cindi Dawson. In less than 90 minutes the shared more tips and strategies you can use to develop your own money making products.
Here are just of the few things they covered. How to do your first teleseminar and immediately turn it into a product. How to repurpose your material to generate ongoing revenues. How to use portions of your repurposed material to drive traffic to a website to build your opt in subscriber list. This is only the tip of the iceberg.
To begin your first product think of something you are passionate about. List 7 things people would want to know about this passion.
For example, if you are passionate about rescue dogs what 7 things would someone want to know about before getting a rescue dog?
You have the start of an information product. Want to learn from the four experts? If you know anything about the four experts you know they are well worth listening to.
To get your own copy of this session go to http://tinyurl.com/rbaqaf