Nowadays almost anything can be sold; tangible or intangible. Some have high profit margins while others have minimal. Some of the highest profit margin items are eBased information products sold as downloadable items. However, you can use information products as a way to build your database for future sales opportunities.
To find out how viable your information is do your research. You have to know if there is a paying market for your information. It’s one thing for you to think your information is valuable and something completely different to find a group of people who not only want the information but are willing to pay for it.
Start by doing a Google search with the area of expertise you plan to package. For example, if you are developing an information product on elderly care a simple search with the words “types of elderly care” will likely bring up a great deal of information.
From there you can search out forums.

Forums are online gathering locations for people with similar interests, needs or wants.
In the last few days I have had the need to access reliable information on terminal lung cancer – not for money making information products, but rather for quality information. I want medical, holistic, patient services and family member information.
Top of my list is to find out what others have gone through when in a similar situation as my family is going through. It didn’t take but a few minutes to access ample information.
The reason I share my personal experience with my readers is I want to show people how incredibly easy it is to get information when you have a need or want.
I did a search with the words “lung cancer forums”.
Not only did I find an excellent forum, I was able to connect with people who had a similar need and have gone through this journey of uncertainty.
The number of people in the forum I located indicated to me there are large numbers of people who have an interest in this information.
The quality of information was beyond compare.
Will I make an information product I will sell based on my research about lung cancer? At this time I have no plans for doing so. However, I may decide to simply develop information that I will give away.
The point here is, I had a need and quickly found a resource where I could gather an incredible amount of information.
When I hear people say they can’t find information what this tells me is their topic is either so obscure that very few people would have an interest or….they simply have not looked in the right places.
If you are thinking of developing information products for profit or as a giveaway a quick Google search is step one.
You can quickly find out how prevalent something is this way.
In coming posts I will share then next steps to information product development. For now, do your research.
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