If you’ve been researching ways to make money online I can bet you’ve heard about developing information products. Information products that can make you thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Many people have heard about what to do but they are not quite sure how to identify what is really a money making product.
There is an art and a science to the process.
Information products include (but are not limited to) eBooks, eReports, MP3 files, podcasts and membership programs. Yup! Membership programs.

The great thing about product development is what is called repurposing. You can develop a product in one format and with some minor changes roll it out in another format. This is where you really see the revenue potential.
Take a membership program like my VIP Club. Not only do my members get fabulous information week after week, I can take portions of a lesson to create tweets, blog postings, reports, articles, audio files, etc. However, it takes more than simply throwing information together.
Know what they want
To have a successful product launch and to successfully repurpose information, including a membership program, the following three criteria must be met.  Choose a topic where…
•People are looking for information.
•They are willing to spend money on that information.
•You are interested and knowledgeable about this topic. The more of an expert you are viewed as, the better.
What to focus on
On the first point, if people are not looking for your type of information, you likely won’t succeed with it.
On the second point, if they are not willing to spend money on your information you need to rethink the topic. After all, aren’t you in the game of product development to make money?
Third, you need to be somewhat passionate about the topic to keep your own level of interest high. Although the third point is optional due to your being able to sell affiliate and PLR products, I recommend it if you are going to stay interested and motivated to develop and promote your own info products.
You have the option of choosing something you love or something that is popular.
Make work fun by choosing a market that you enjoy. The best scenario is where the topic is something you love AND is popular.
Here are some ideas of what one could develop information products and membership programs on:
•Marketing a small business
•Building a coaching practice
•Training a dog
•Potty training your child
•Finding an art agent
•Losing weight the easy and safe way
•Growing a home-based business
The list goes on and on. The best thing to do is grab a pen and pad and write down as many possible topics on which you could write.
From there, you will take the next step.
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