We’ve all heard stories of people making boatloads of money online by selling information products. It’s true! You can make boatloads of money with information products. However, in order to make the money you have to create the products.
Imagine what it would be like if you could make even an extra $20 a day from selling information products. That would be $600 a month and $7,200 a year. All by selling $20 a day of information products.
Now think about selling $50 a day. That’s $1,500 a month; $18,000 a year.
What would you be able to do with an extra $18,000 a year?
The place to start is setting a goal of something that is doable and believable. Let’s assume your goal is to make $100 with an information product. Once you make your first $100 the next $100 is much easier.
I remember making my first $50. I was bouncing off the walls. Wow! I just knew I had crossed an invisible line of abundance and I was right. I now make a great six figure a year income from information products.
The best part of all is the profit margin. Depending on how you have things set up you can have up to a 95% – 98% profit margin.
Information products include books, CDs, MP3s, white papers, teleseminars, webinars, Podcasts, etc.
There are ample benefits to creating low priced reports; freedom, ongoing revenues, choices you might otherwise not have.
Lots of consumers would rather pay for a fast solution to their problem than have to search around for the information (even if it’s free).
It doesn’t matter what topic, market or industry, information products are a great way to provide solutions to readers and generate great revenue with very little work; when you have the formula.
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