I can’t even count the number of times I hear this from people. Actually, "hearing" is usually in the form of an email one of my readers will send me. The fact is, Internet Marketing does work, but many people are more interested in a quick fix or the "getting rich quick" schemes you can find all over the Internet that they lose sight of the fact that making money on and with the Internet needs to be treated as a viable aspect of their business.

Did I really say that? A viable aspect of their business. Yes I did.

Where I see people fall into the trap of Internet Marketing is when they think they don’t have to work at building their business by way of the Internet. They seem to think all they have to do is set up a website, get a merchant account, have one product (well, maybe two) and presto, they are going to make millions. WRONG!!!! 

Don’t fall into this trap. Learn the truth. Study what the professionals are doing. Get the correct information.

My intention here is not to discourage you. My intention is to arm you with the right information that will allow you to make money by way of the Internet.

Can you make money on the Internet? By all means. I have been doing so for years as have my collegues, Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman aka The Blog Squad. As a matter of fact, not long ago between the three of us we made over $75,000 in a couple of weeks. Did it happen by chance? Absolutely not. It happened by having a solid plan in place, systems set up and a vision of what is possible.

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