Twitter, Stumble Upon, Facebook, Social Networking, Social Media. These are just a handful of terms we are coming to recognize as part of our online operations.

The challenge for many people is knowing what is simply the latest fad and what is really going to make a difference in the way we communicate and conduct business, especially online.

Beware of Internet Marketing Traps
A huge trap for most people is trying to get involved in everything new that comes along. This can actually make you less productive rather than more productive.

The first thing you should do is research. Before simply jumping into the next intriguing thing to come along, check around to see if others you know are gaining benefit from anything new to come along.

For example, I am very involved in Facebook. This was not the case two months ago. I had been hearing a lot about this amazing social network. I have been involved with Social Networks for a few years with varying levels of results.

Do your research
However, before I decided to set up a profile page on Facebook I did some investigating to see if this was a place that my time would be best utilized. After I was clear this would be an excellent choice for my business goals, I jumped on in.

The next level of involvement was with Twitter. When I first heard someone say they were Twittering I thought they were joking. With a bit of research I found out that Twitter can actually be a great way to keep in touch with colleagues, let folks know what you are working on or planning and building a strong network of professional connections.


Directing your readers to valuable information that another expert has posted is an incredible way to be a high value resource to your readers.

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