.16 of 1% – According to Mark Henrick’s this represents the number of people who will succeed online. When I shared this statistic with my readers a few days ago the response was interesting.

One woman wrote to tell me this was very disheartening.

Another was upset I would pass on this information because now she was as sure as ever she couldn’t succeed online.

Another got really excited saying, “This is great to know I can be in that small percentage of those who will succeed.”

Wow! What a spread of opinions. There were more but you get the idea.

The fact is, most people won’t succeed on the Internet. And many would prefer not to know this because it will burst their
“fantasy bubble”.

Why would I ever say this when I am sooooooo passionate
about teaching you how to succeed?

I make my living teaching others how to make money online
and with what I just wrote some people may say, “Shoot, why should I buy
anything from someone who is telling me I may not succeed?” 

Let me ask you this. If you took your car to your
mechanic and he or she found a problem wouldn’t you want to know about this in
order to fix it or would you rather ignore it with the possibility of having
your car break down? Most sane people would want to know in order to take
immediate action to avoid serious problems and enjoy a smooth ride.

The fact is, as much as the servicing of your car takes
effort, time and money so does making a living via the Internet. And there are
things we need to know…like the truth.

My passion is to connect with those who know that no
matter what the majority is going to do they will do what it takes to be in the
winning percentage.

So what does this mean? It means that most people are not
willing to do what it takes to succeed. Sure, they say they want something but
are they willing to spend time learning how to do it the best way possible?

The fact is, those who are succeeding online are those
who paid the price. I don’t know of anyone who read one eBook, listened to one
teleseminar, went to one seminar, watched one webinar and jumped right into
making great money. Nope. they immersed themselves with knowledge and mentors
who guided them along the way.

The reality is different from the fantasy. The fantasy is
based on the garbage we see every day that says, “You don’t have to do a
darned thing and you can make a fortune.”

I am incredibly passionate about providing great
information to help my market succeed and to cut through the garbage that is so

One of the blessings of the Internet is the volume of
information available at no cost. This is both good and bad. The good part is
you can learn just about anything if you’re willing to put in the time to
search it out. The bad part is you may not always be getting information from
people who know what they are doing.

There comes a point where free can go only so far.
“But what to invest in and how much?” This is the quetion.

I know what it takes to go from making nothing online to
making a great living. I also know that when we first start out we may not have
tons of financial resources to get the information we need.

(That was my reality)

We all have to start somewhere but we have to be willing
to start.

This is what the .16 of 1% do. And they don’t just do it
once, they do it consistently.

Granted, once we start making money we can invest at a
higher level but start we must.

Something else those of us who are succeeding online know
is we can’t be all things to all people. We can’t be an expert on everything.
But we can certainly surround ourselves with other experts who are incredibly
knowledgeable in a specific area. I am doing just that this weekend at NAMS4 in
Atlanta. Not only am I teaching here, I am sitting in on other experts’
sessions to learn even more.

Imagine if you could learn from the following experts
(all who happen to be sharing time with me as instructors at NAMS4)

Mark Hendricks

Ellen Britt

Willie Crawford

Nicole Dean

Paul Evans

Jeff Herring

Bob (the teacher) Jenkins

David Perdew

Denise Wakeman

Well, you can learn from each and everyone of them. Best
part of all you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or office to do
so. Before I tell you how, I want you to know there’s a common denominator with
all of these experts. What is it? They all started as unknowns making no money
online. But they did what most will not do; they took consistent action to
become leaders in their industries. As a result they all make a great living.

Because they are all as passionate about helping others
to succeed as I am, when I asked them if they would each share their knowledge
with my market they all jumped at the chance. Isn’t that fabulous! I asked once
and they said yes.

And you are in a great position to benefit from their

Beginning in September I am hosting group coaching
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the great money they make they are impacting the lives of people around the
globe in an incredibly positive way.

That’s what really drives them – making a difference.

“It’s not just enough to make money. The vast
majority want to add meaning.” Paul Evans.

Are you ready to live your passion, add meaning and make

Today is the day to make it happen.

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