Even today, in 2012, when everyone knows about the power of the internet and mobile, few companies truly leverage its power.
To tell you how much impact the Internet has on our daily lives, while I was in Hawaii last week, locals in remote areas were talking about Facebooking others. At the airport, young and old alike were emailing, using IPads, tweeting and watching videos on YouTube.
I saw two gentlemen in their 80’s going through security and showing the gate agent their reservations on their mobile device.
The Internet is here to stay and is only going to become more prevalent.
Far too many business owners push the power of the ‘net waaaaaaaaaaaay down on their list and find themselves struggling to understand how to cultivate leads, sell products and services online, and establish a dominating position in their niche. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.
There seems to be a myth going ’round that it takes years and massive resources to learn today’s top strategies, shortcuts, and tools to profit online. So, how long do you think it would take to get the information you need to capitalize on the incredible reach of the internet and mobile? A year? 6 months? 4 weeks?
How about 3 days?! Come join me, along with¬†28 of the world’s leading experts including Jay Conrad Levinson, Larry Winget, Janet Bray Attwood, Armand Morin, Mike Filsaime, and many others as we take the stage in Chicago, June 8-10, to reveal countless, proven, no- and low-cost guerrilla marketing strategies for cultivating leads, dramatically increasing conversion rates, and generating immediate and long-term cash flow.
This event is unlike any other conference. No fluff, no theory, just hundreds of hard-core ideas and tactics that can be immediately applied to your business as taught by those on the forefront of what works, what doesn’t and, most importantly, what’s next. Come network with leading-edge entrepreneurs, next-generation business icons, and leave with a solid understanding of exactly HOW TO:
– Leverage social media and mobile marketing to propel your business forward.
– Build a huge database of leads and clients.
– Massively increase your on- (and off-) line profits.
This is a must-attend event and tickets are ONLY $147 until May 15. However, VERY limited seating remains available. To reserve your seat, click here: Register for Internet Prophets
I’ll be there on the main platform with the other wonderful experts. I’m also going to be networking and soaking up all the great information that will be shared.
Hope you’ll join me.