Internet marketing doesn’t work. Shocking but true. Permit me to explain.

Lots of people are using old and outdated methods for making money online. They are actually hiding out and hoping beyond hope they will figure out how to make money online.
Sure, you can make money, but if you are relying solely on sitting behind your computer, sending out emails or playing around on social media, chances are you are missing the mark.
Everyday we hear stories about online marketers making thousands upon thousands of dollars online. What they don’t tell you is what led up to them doing so.

99% of the successful online marketers, or those using the Internet to make money, do so by the relationships they’ve built. Most of those relationship were developed offline at conferences, mastermind meetings, networking events and any number of environments where they met face-to-face with those they are now doing business with.
A few years ago I attended a conference and met a woman who, although a stranger to me before I attended the conference, is now one of my strongest allies and a dear friend.
susanSusan Lassiter-Lyons and I became fast friends over Sushi. Not only have we become great friends, I have complete confidence promoting her information as she does mine.
The last affiliate check she sent me for an online product launch was five figures. That’s right, five figures.
I can tell you this much, if I had not met Susan face-to-face we would not be doing the things we do together online – most of all Joint Venturing and making great money together.
Think about your own experience. Chances are some of the best working relationships you have are with those you met at a conference. This is true for so many people yet, they somehow forget this and are hiding out, hoping beyond hope, to achieve their highest level of revenues and accomplishment.

If you’re still hiding behind your computer, wondering why you are not able to forge relationships with people who can make a huge difference in your business, it’s likely time you attend a live event.
Never one to address a problem without offering a solution, you are invited to join me in Phoenix.
Join me on May 15th – 17th where you WILL meet some of the most amazing entrepreneurs around. Not just that, you’ll also be immersed in three days of learning how to build your business with the likes of me and Susan Lassiter-Lyons.
Would Susan be speaking at my conference if I hadn’t met her face to face? Nope!
It’s time to get out from behind your computer and join in to Power Up for Profits!
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