Although the Internet is an
incredible way to market your business and make a living, it is also one of the
worst….if you don’t know what you are doing. Without proper preparation, what
could be an amazing tool turns into massive frustration.

If you have the correct systems
in place you can literally make money at the “press of a button”.  This is not to say you are going to get rich
quick. What it means is, when you have a proper foundation in place, you have
developed and fine-tuned your systems and you are consistent in what you do you
can make an incredible living from the Internet with a very high return on
investment of time and money.

When I say an incredible living
from the Internet, I don’t mean you are going to be the next Internet marketing
guru. I simply mean the Internet can be a great tool to market your business,
regardless of what business and industry you are in.

The starting place is to know who
your market is and is not. From there you have to know what keeps them awake at
night and determine if you are the best solution for them. The next step is to determine
which products and services would be of interest (and need) to your market.

Once you determine these
important factors, you can then begin the process of building your presence
online. Without know who your market is, what they need and want, and why you
would be the best solution for them you will likely  waste untold amounts of time and money chasing
after the wrong customer.

On the flip side when you know
who wants to do business with you and who you want to do business with you can
go deep into a market (or markets) and position yourself as someone who is a
recognized authority. The more of an authority (expert) you are viewed as the
easier the process becomes.

The message here…don’t just jump
into trying to sell something on the Internet. Do your research and based on
what you discover, decide what you are qualified to bring to market in products
and services.