Earlier today I overheard a conversation between two women talking about
the fact the husband of one of the women is closing his business.  The conversation went something like this:

“Bob is going to have to close his business. This has been such a tough
year,” said woman A.

“Didn’t you tell me many times that Bob didn’t do any marketing?” asked
woman B.

“Yes. He is of the belief that if you build it they will come,”
responded woman A.

“By now he should know that isn’t true,” woman B retorted.

This got me to thinking about how many businesses actually are more
responsible for their financial troubles than they care to admit. How many
people automatically assume that because they didn’t get as many sales as they
wanted (or needed), it was because of a downturn economy?

Why is it that some entrepreneurs actually grew in 2009 rather than
struggled? Could it be they did things differently than others?

Years ago, when I was in broadcast media we would repeatedly hear from
business owners their lack of funds and budgets to advertise. Yet, when they
began to struggle and were getting ready to close their doors they would have a
huge closeout sale that would attract hungry buyers. A closeout sale they did a
great deal of advertising for.

Inevitably they would say, “Wow! If my business would have done this
well before, I wouldn’t be closing my doors.”

Wow! If you would have been marketing all along, you may never have
needed to have a closeout sale.

I see this all the time with businesses trying to grow online. The
misguided belief is all one needs to do is put up a website, blog, develop some
product, write a book or whatever and the rest will take care of itself.

Not so! You have to market, you have to promote, and you have to sell.
It’s that simple.

Before you can do any of this you need to know who you are even
marketing and selling to. Yet another mistake countless people make; not
identifying their market. People

They start marketing before they even know who they are marketing to.
Many entrepreneurs have no idea if the people they are targeting are even
interested in what they are offering.

The fact is, there are seven primary steps one needs to take to build a
sustainable business using the Internet. Identifying your market is just one of
the seven steps.

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