For years I have known the importance of consistent steps to
move toward a goal. Every so often a step can seem monumental and overwhelming.
On the flip side are the steps that seem so minimal the thought that they are
not necessary can crop up.

Then there are the steps that are just darned uncomfortable.
Such was the case this morning. Actually, the step I needed to take seemed both
monumental and very uncomfortable.

Regardless, I took the step. What was it? In a moment I will
share it, but let me set the stage.

A few months ago I was training for a full marathon as a
power walker. (Nope, I’m not a runner, nor do I want to be, I love power
walking). The marathon was scheduled for October 4th but in late
August my plans came to a screeching halt when I broke my ankle.

From the day I had the accident, I had my mind set on
healing and participating in a full marathon. Granted, not in October, 2009,
but as soon as possible.

A few weeks ago I took my first walk since the injury. The
distance paled in comparison to the double digit walks I had been taking on a
fairly regular basis a few months ago.

Knowing that I know with a focused commitment I would soon
have the stamina and strength I had previously grown accustomed to.

Fast forward to today. For the last few days I have been at
NAMS3 presenting, networking, connecting and learning from my peers. I have
also been taking early morning “while at the conference” power walks with my
walking bud, Denise Wakeman.

The first two days were a breeze even though temperatures
were near freezing. Actually, the weather made the walks invigorating.

My parting words to Denise last evening as I headed up to my
room were, “I’ll see you at 6:45 for another walk.” Although my intentions were
sincere at the time, when my 6 a.m. wake-up call came my first thought was,
“Hmmm, wonder if I could call Denise and bag the walk?”

I knew I could use my old injury as an excuse, but the fact is
my ankle is healed. The next temptation was to use the fact I am on a 3 hour
time difference and had a full day yesterday and was just plain tired.

Yet, I made a commitment; to Denise and to myself.
Sluggishly, I rolled out of bed to prepare for what was to come next.

The first thing that became apparent as we walked out into
the open air was today was considerably colder than the previous two mornings.
Not only was it near freezing it had also rained during the night and a light
rain was still coming down.

As Denise and I high fived each other as we walked into the
lobby of the hotel, I felt incredible. Not just because of completing the walk,
but rather because I took a step toward an important, bigger goal. Even though
small compared to crossing the finish line of the coming marathon I have begun
to train for, the fact I took the step is critical.

Taking steps in all areas of our life is something we do, or
not, on a daily basis. These steps either move us closer to our dreams or
further away. It’s all based on choice.

As I look around at the men and women attending NAMS3, I see
people who have dreams, goals, vision and drive to build their online
businesses in order to have a better quality of life.

The fact is, to achieve the outcome they desire will require
doing things that will come very easy at times and things that feel like “walking
in freezing rain” simply to take one baby step. Yet, all the steps are part of
the success each will create.

Whatever you want to achieve takes effort. Each step of the
way, you will be confronted with choices…to do or not to do whatever needs to
be done.

Success or failure is determined by the daily choices we
make. What choice will you make today? And what future will you be responsible
(your comments are welcome)