Just when you think you have it all figured out with Facebook, they change the rules. Such is the case with contests.
Recently, I ran a contest for a Fan Page to increase our fan numbers. We hit the target in that within a very short period of time our numbers increased substantially.
Basically, we were giving away books from several authors to 20 different people whom we were going to select randomly. People got pretty excited about this and joined by the hundreds.
We did our random selection, announced the winners, sent out the books to those who responded to our request for their mailing address and all was good in the world. That is until my own Social Marketing VA send me an email to let me know we could not longer do this.
Aggggghhhhhh. It was working so well. Definitely one of those things we can be tempted to pulll our hair out over.
So what is happening with FB and contests? Facebook expert, Mari Smith tells all. Click here to read what she has to say.
What has your experience with Facebook been? Your comments are welcome.