"There's gold in them there hills." Many are repeating these
words with today's "gold rush."

Fact: The great gold rush of 1848 was the genesis of one of the
most massive migrations in human history. Before the peak of
the rush one of about every 90 people living in the United States
chased after the dream of discovering gold.

Families were torn and stable businesses abandoned as people
chased after the vision of getting rich quick.

Sound familiar? It's happening today as people have visions of
grandeur of what the Internet can do for them. Visions that
they will find "gold in them there hills."

Dreams of doing business on the Internet is the Gold Rush of
the 21st Century. What was true in California in the 1800's will be
true now. Most people will come to realize that they got caught
up is the frenzy of it all. Many will discover they found
"fools gold."

So how does one avoid the Internet gold rush? It's simple.
Learn the truth. Realize the Internet is simply a tool to be used in
your overall business objectives.

Sure, some will gain incredible wealth directly from the
Internet. More likely though will be those who succeed by
providing products and services that are an offshoot of the
gold rush of today. They are the ones who will position the use of
the Internet in getting the word out about what they do and what
their business is about.

Don't get caught with a bunch of fool's gold. Prepare, plan,
implement. That is where the real gold is.

A great way to plan is write out what your business objectives are.
Sadly, many people have no plan at all. They just show up to their
computers day in and day out hoping to strike it rich.

Most people have heard, if you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Put a plan together.

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