Today I am compelled to write about something I am very frustrated about. Not frustrated for me, but frustrated by the people who set incredibly realistic goals of what they want to achieve in their business, but when they lay out their plan of action, they either don’t want to do anything, saying they will “attract” business to them, or they put so little on their action list that it would take them a lifetime to achieve their goals.
Don’t get me wrong, I have been a strong believer in the Law of Attraction for years. I have studied it, applied it and definitely seen results from the Law. But I also know that with the thoughts we have there has to be some type of action. And in some cases massive action.
As Joe Vitale calls it, “Inspired action.”
Massive action does not mean going into complete overwhelm that one is not at all productive. It means taking daily action to move you towards an outcome. The paradox here is that it’s essential to let go of the outcome of the actions because often there is something pleasantly unexpected that will show up to help you move closer to the outcome you desire. If you hold so tight to how you believe things should turn out, you will likely miss many “unknown” opportunities.
But I digress. Back to those who want to achieve a lot but are setting such minimal standards for what they are willing to do to get an outcome they are surprised nothing is happening. At least nothing visible.
I see this in solopreneurs such as authors, speakers, coaches and consultants who desire to build their business. They have visions of grandeur but when it comes down to what needs to be done, they really haven’t a clue. Or if they do, they keep saying, “Tomorrow I will do something.”
Let me use the following example. Let’s say you are making $10 a month in your business. To achieve this amount of revenue you make one phone call a month, send out one email, attract one new person to your opt in subscriber list, write one article and basically do as little as possible.
Then you set a goal that you want to triple your revenues, but you continue to make one phone call a month, send out one email, attract one new person to your opt in subscriber list, write one article and basically repeat the exact same behaviors as before.
I’ve got news for you, nothing is going to change.
To increase what you get you must increase what you do. It simple mathematics. Don’t make the mistake I see the majority of people make. They dream of what they want, but they fail to take the correct action.
To build a successful business, regardless of the industry, you have to take certain actions. Often, we don’t know what those actions are. This is where learning from someone who has been there, done that comes in. Mentors, coaches, teachers, whatever name you give them. The people who have proven that with the right steps, amazing things can happen.
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