Something that is often overlooked for many entrepreneurs is the power of media releases. In my VIP Club program, media releases are just one of the valuable marketing tools you will learn. And… you will find out where you can post them at no cost.


Read below to see just one example of a media release we are using to promote the program. There are still some memberships available. Registration link located in the media release.



Kathleen Gage
introduces her new Street Smarts Marketing™
Membership Program: A
Step-By-Step, 52-Week Training Program For Starting And Running A
Successful  Six Figure a Year Online


truth is, there are lots of spiritually aware people who have amazing
information that can and WILL change the lives of their clients and customers
in a very positive way. Yet, they have no idea how to package, market and sell
their information.

I figured out how to make a great living on the Internet, I haven’t had to
worry about paying my bills for a long, long time. I am also now able to donate
money to charities that are near and dear to my heart. I can help out a friend
or family member if the need arises. There are many more benefits, but you get
the idea.


of my greatest passions is teaching other spiritually aware speakers, authors,
coaches and consultants how to build a successful business. My teachings are
not theory; they are tried and true strategies, systems and processes that
virtually anyone who apply them can profit from.” states Gage.


This program is designed to teach in 52 weeks how


  • Build a
    responsive opt-in subscriber list of serious buyers
  • Immediately
    drive qualified buyers to your website or blog – which means more sales
  • Lower your
    cost to generate qualified leads for your product, service and business (I
    will teach you dozens of no cost ways to generate money-making leads)
  • Increase
    visibility all over the Internet
  • Develop money-making
    information products
  • Keep your name
    fresh in your prospect’s and customers’ mind- so when they need the
    products and services you offer, they call you first because they remember
  • Gain massive
    name recognition within a specific target market
  • Discover what
    works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing on the Internet
  • Avoid some of
    the greatest time wasters that prevent most people from getting their
    online business off the ground
  • Understand how
    to use the Internet – to save you hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars,
    endless frustration and increase your sales like never before!


more complete list of benefits of this program may be found at


social media is leading the way in online marketing, Gage will also share her
success secrets on how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkeIn, YouTube, online
article directories, web radio and other social marketing resources to gain
massive visibility while generating great revenues.


emphasizes, “This is not a get-rich-quick deal. This is about running a
legitimate, conscious business. This is about setting up systems. This is about
creating multiple streams of income through the power of the Internet.


is a first time opportunity and will be limited to the first 500 people who