to a recent survey I conducted, the top 3 challenges for those attempting to
make money online are:



to gain the knowledge

who to trust


ago, I had the same struggle. From one month to the next I wondered if I would
be able to pay my bills.


this is not the case today. Over the years I have invested thousands upon
thousands of dollars in information products, mentors, training material and
more. The investment of time and money has paid off.


from a place of wondering if I would ever learn how to make money online, I now
generate a very good living month in and month out on the Internet. A living
that is sustainable and repeatable.

I first began my journey of building my online business, I certainly didn’t
have thousands of dollars to invest in information. I realize this is the case
for most people who would love to learn how to make money online.


is directly related to the top three challenges most people have. How do you
know what you should learn, how much to spend and with whom?


realized a long time ago, if I want to master something I need to go to those
who are succeeding and let them guide me. The same is true for just about
anyone. After all, why would you want to learn from someone who doesn’t have a
proven track record?


public speakers, coaches and consultants – how would your life change if you
could begin making money on the Internet? Not just a few dollars, but a sustainable
and successful six figure (plus) business.


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