fb groupI belong to a private Facebook group with over 400 entrepreneurs who each invested right around $750 in a very topic specific program. Anxious to learn as much as possible, I immediately dug into the content.
One of the greatest benefits of the investment in the full program is the private group. What’s interesting is this… we each invested the same amount and yet most of the people in the private group are not utilizing all that is available to them. There are 5 – 10% of us who are doing anything.
One of the greatest benefits of the group is the expert who created the program is incredibly active in the Facebook group. This, in and of itself, it worth so much.
Those of us who jumped in with both feet (even though we all started in the same place of knowledge level – minimal) are gaining the most value, moving forward quickly due to our involvement and we support of each others goals.
What I’m learning from the investment in the program and the group is yet another strategy I will be using to generate a very high stream of revenue. The amount of time I am putting into this before I make my first dollar with the information is substantial. By launch date (no later than April 21st) it will be over 2 months of my time and two virtual assistants (VA) on my team and my partner’s time.
The financial investment is considerable, what with the program,  my VA’s time, software I need for this and other needed items. Yet, with the foundation we are laying I KNOW the return on investment will be huge.
Back to the Facebook group. Although there are hundreds of members, it’s likely only a few will recoup their investment, let alone make a profit.
It’s not that those who will profit are any luckier or less busy than the ones who won’t. Nope, it’s that we have different priorities.
The ones who are jumping in and doing what we need to do including investing time, money and energy are all very busy. For me, I have a webinar a week each week until launch time on April 21st, I have several radio interviews, we are re-launching three product lines within the next 30 days, I have Power Up for Profits Live! in May – and a few other things.
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No one escapes being busy. It’s really about prioritizing.
The reason I share this is because I see the same thing with virtually any product or service on the market.  There are those who buy something, think it’s cool, but never do anything with the information and then say, “This stuff doesn’t work.”
Or they admit they just didn’t make the training material and launch of the information a priority.
You are the only person who can make the decision of what’s most important in your business.
I get it that people are busy. We all are.
The bottom line is this… you must make the decision of what is most important in order to take your business to the next level.
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I have people who will say, “Kathleen, it’s easy for you to make the investments you need to in order to grow your business. For me I have this and this and this going on.”
What I invest today is considerably more than in the past but I had to start somewhere. If my palms don’t sweat I’m not playing big enough.
Every step of the way you must make decisions on what you will invest in.
How big do you play?
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