Detoxing has different meanings based on the reason for the detox. Many people immediately think of a detox being one to clean-up from drugs and alcohol.

There as so many other types of detoxes including a Colon Cleanse, liver cleanse, master cleanse, fruit cleanse, veggie cleanse, green smoothie cleanse, and other gentler cleanses.

The greatest benefit of a detox is to give your digestive system a rest. However, if the detox or cleanse you choose to do is too harsh, a cleanse can do more harm than good.

From time to time, I find a good cleanse/detox does me wonders. One of the greatest benefits is increasing my awareness of how unconscious I become around eating. Although I like to think I’m extremely aware of what I put in my body, I do know there are times I let little slips with my food choices impact the way I feel and my level of energy.

If you’ve never done a detox, you may want to consider one. With all the toxins we are exposed to on any given day, a good cleanse detox will do you wonders. It is recommended to check with your health professional before doing so.

There seems to be as many warnings and recommendations for detoxing, which can make it confusing if a detox is right for you.

I’ve personally found cleanses to be incredibly beneficial for my piece of mind, wellbeing, consciousness and energy.



  • One of the greatest benefits is an instant reset for your body, mind and soul
  • When you get rid of processed sugar, you tend to deal with stress more effectively
  • Increased energy
  • Renewed sense of well being
  • Establishes a foundation for healthier habits once you’re done with the cleanse

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Keep in mind, it’s not all a bed of roses or a walk in the park. The first few days can be rough. The more toxins you have in your system, the worse your general habits, the more likely it is that you will feel terrible before you feel good, then great.

If you can make it through the first few days, you’ll fully understand what all the hype is about. It’s a good idea to talk to your medical advisor prior to starting a detox. Again, the less healthy your daily habits, the more important this is.


To get the greatest results, it’s best to prepare before starting. Avoid simply jumping into a cleanse because it’s likely you won’t be as successful as if you do prepare.

• Prepare mentally
• Clean out temptation foods and drinks
• Shop for those foods you’ll consume during your cleanse
• Have plenty of water on hand
• Plan to take it easy during your cleanse

I’ve tried various cleanses. I like to try different products and methods in order to give my digestive system a rest. After careful research for my current cleanse, I decided to do a 12-day detox with Garden of Life, Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox.

In that I don’t eat meat, fish or chicken, my protein will come from green vegetables. I also don’t drink alcohol, so that won’t be an issue for me to give up.

I will be eating lots of veggies, certain fruits, brown rice, quinoa, drinking tons of water, and certain nuts.
Here is a PDF that has some excellent info on the 12 Day process.

I’m doing this to prepare for the Eugene half marathon. Right now, my coach has me tapering off my running so it’s a perfect time to clean the system and then do a carb load before the marathon on May 7th.

Throughout the 12-day period, I will post my progress. So far, Day One has been relatively easy. I took all the supplements as prescribed as well as eating only the foods on the recommended food list and drinking lots of water.

Many people start cleanses at the beginning of the year, as a part of spring cleaning and a way to prepare for the holidays. Truth be told, any time is a good time to give your mind, body and spirit a rest.