Recently, I held a free teleseminar to teach authors
how to become an bestseller. Not only have I achieved bestseller
status on, I have helped several clients do the same.

I was amazed at how many people registered for my free
call. Between this one and another I hosted a few weeks ago, I had over 1,750
people who registered.

I held the calls to educate authors and soon to be
authors on what it takes to rise on the charts of Amazon. The information comes
from my own success as an author and having coordinated numerous campaigns for

Every time I coordinated a campaign I received multiple
inquiries from authors who wanted a similar outcome as the client I had just
worked with.

Although every campaign I have coordinated has been
successful and my clients have reached #1 in various categories on Amazon, the
reality is that for many authors my fees are prohibitive. Also, I feel for most
authors I offering a better service for their particular needs by teaching them
how to coordinate their own campaign. You see, many authors have no idea where
to begin when it comes to marketing their book.

I believe that almost anyone can become a best-selling
author regardless of genre. It’s simply a matter of how much you want this and if
you are willing to do what it takes. It takes vision, planning, time and

Rising on the Amazon charts is not a get rich quick
deal, nor is it an end all be all. It’s a means to an end and a very strategic marketing
process that creates amazing opportunities for you as an author, consultant,
public speaker or entrepreneur.

It’s not the bestseller status that’s going to bring
you more business and more money; it’s what you do with the status that will
make all of the difference.   

Here are a few outcomes you can achieve by becoming a
visible author;  something an Amazon
campaign can do for you.


As a speaker you can not only get paid for a speaking
engagement, you can also sell your book(s) back of the room. I know many
authors who have sold hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of dollars
worth of books at just one engagement. One colleague of mine sold $23,000 worth
of books after a 35 minute presentation.

If a company does not have a budget to pay a speaker
you may be able to negotiate with a meeting planner that the company or
organization purchase a book for every person in attendance. The money might
come out of the educational budget rather than a training budget. After all,
books are educational.

With the economy forcing many companies to forego any
type of training, you can host your own speaking engagement and require each
person who attends to purchase a book. If pre-selling is not what you want to
do you can make your books available for purchase at your event.

and/or Coach

As a bestselling author you are perceived as more of an
expert. This is a great way to gain visibility and credibility during a time
when there are countless other coaches and consultants vying for the same
business you are.

Imagine how much easier it would be to secure top notch
business when you are viewed as a credible expert. A book (and a bestseller)
can do this for you. That is, if you know how to position this status.


To optimize rising on the charts of you need
to look at this with a long term view. If you have a plan in place you can open
up a world of opportunity like never before. It’s simply a matter of knowing
what you want and taking action on this.

If you are an author who
dreams of having a bestseller go to
and register for the recording of my teleseminar how to become an
bestseller. It’s free.