Social networks are a great way to network, gain visibility, build credibility and grow your business. However, many people miss the mark in that the play the “numbers only” game.
Just a little while ago I logged on to my Facebook account. I had 28 new friend’s requests today alone. Yet, only one person took the time to write a personal message with their invitation. Most of the other people I don’t know from Adam.
I know I have been guilty of doing this in the past. Inviting people with the press of a button without taking just a minute to personalize the invitation. I don’t do that anymore because I am not striving for numbers. Rather, I am striving for quality connections.
Here’s a tip when you invite people to become your FB friend. Send a personal message with the invitation. After all, they may have no clue who you are or why you want to befriend them.
Is it to really build a quality network or to just “gather numbers”? Again, out of 28 requests today alone, only one had a personal message. Guess how many friend’s invitations I accepted? That’s right. One.
If you think it takes too much time, think again. Put the word social back in Social Marketing and Social Networking.
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