Struggling with food allergies from a young age, Jaclyn Rae, founder of Jaclyn Creations, discovered the health benefits of a plant based/vegan diet over eight years ago. Highly allergic to animal protein, Jaclyn began a lifelong journey that has led her to becoming a nutritionist, author and advocate for cruelty free food consumption.



Initially she started as a raw food vegan and over time incorporated cooked foods into her own personal protocol.

One of her greatest driving forces for her lifestyle choices are the desire to help as many people as possible get healthy AND reduce her carbon footprint.


Working with clients


Jaclyn determines if she is a good fit before working with a potential client. She encourages those who may not have support at home with going vegan to join MeetUps, Facebook and other online groups. She knows how important it is for people to feel welcome and safe, especially when they don’t have support at home.

Jaclyn encourages people to take the “one day at a time” approach with going vegan.

“Do what you can for today and tomorrow move further into your goal,” Jaclyn suggests.  

Jaclyn will evaluate whether her clients are interested in short term or long-term goals. Her approach is more holistic, meaning she considers all aspects of her client’s lives including if it’s weight loss, diet and/or environment they are most interested in and most in need of..

Offering a variety of meal plans that are her own creations, Jaclyn offers the service of meeting her clients at the grocery store to show them how to shop.

With the pandemic, this is not as much of an option as it used to be. Yet, there are options to bring Jaclyn to the store remotely. Simply put, the client can show via their phone what selections they are making.


When Families Give Push Back


It is not uncommon for families to not fully support one’s choice in giving up animal and dairy foods. They may even experience push back.

Jaclyn recommends trying to put yourself in your family’s shoes. Have you been known to try different lifestyle choices, only to go back to what you had been doing previously?

Is going “vegan” a faze…at least from your family’s perspective? Are you being too rigid too soon?

If you are someone who insists everyone follow your lead by going plant-base/vegan, this could be why others are resistant.

The best choice is to meet people where they are at. For some, they make the change to a cruelty free diet for health. Others, for the animas. Still others, for the environment. And still others, for all three reasons.

A very common expression is, “I came for health and stayed for the animals.”

The longer one is vegan, there more committed they tend to be to all the benefits of being vegan and the more likely it is their families will accept their choice.


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Jaclyn Rae is a vegan health consultant in Portland Oregon and lives to helps her client’s with strategies to make their health a priority. Her experience in nutrition is her foundation of your support as well as lifestyle integration. She provides her clients personalized plant-based recipes alongside her bio-individualized programs, educating her clients how to live their best life. 


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