Jamie Logan is an animal advocate and activist, filmmaker, and podcast how. Based out of New York City, Jamie can often be seen on the streets of New York filming the reaction of people on the street when they learn the truth about animal abuse, including what goes on in factory farms.

The reactions she gets range from complete disinterest, anger, tears, shock and some who go Vegan on the spot.

Show Highlights 

02:00 An unsuspecting advocate turned activist
07:00 Jamie experiences everything from anger & abuse on the streets to instant vegans
10:00 The truth about factory farming including animal abuse, the death of 69 BILLION animals a year (not including marine animals), worker abuse, PTSD, and the destruction of the environment
16:23 Reality sets in behind the veil
18:30 There’s no such thing as an ex-vegan


Jamie’s film recommendations


  • Earthlings
  • What the Health
  • Game Changers
  • Dominion
  • Cowspiracy


The Fight to Ban Live Animal Markets

One of the films Jamie was very actively involted with is The Fight to Ban Live Animal Markets. A little known fact is there are wet markets right in our own backyard in the United States. Be prepared to be shocked and enlightened.


Cave Light Films


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