Jeffrey Masson had no intention of writing some of the most popular books about animal compassion, communication, and the truth about farm animals, but life had a powerful plan for the man of many talents.

With at least four lives: first as a boy raised to become a “spiritual leader” but disillusioned with what he discovered; Jeffrey Masson became a professor of Sanskrit at the University of Toronto. A graduate of Harvard, Jeffrey trained to become a Freudian analyst.

Upon graduation he became Projects Director of the Freud Archives, and was scheduled to move into Freud’s house in London when fate intervened one more time.

Discovering a truth that had been buried deep, Jeffrey went public with what he discovered. He was then labeled a psychoanalytic pariah.

Experiencing a major smear campaign, which included an in-depth article in the New York Times, this was the catalyst for Jeffrey Masson to surrender to his deep calling. He gave up both his professorship and his analytic career to delve into the far more fascinating world of animal emotions.

Tears of Elephants

Something else that is his life’s calling, but something he never planned, was becoming vegan. Yet, at nearly 80 he is passionate about both raising awareness about compassion to animals and being vegan. The two perfectly go hand in hand.  

His first glimpse into his destiny as an outspoken advocate for animals was when he wrote, When Elephants Weep; The Emotional Lives of Animals.

This national bestseller exploring the complex emotional lives of animals was hailed as “a masterpiece” by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas and as “marvelous” by Jane Goodall.  The book explores dancing squirrels to bashful gorillas to spiteful killer whales, taking readers on an emotional roller coaster ride.

As a result of writing When Elephants Weep, Jeffrey became vegetarian. But more was in store for Jeffrey.

Chance Meeting Changes Everything

It was upon a chance meeting with CésarChávez over two decades ago that Jeffrey went full blown vegan and has not looked back.  Chávez was an American labor leader, community organizer, businessman, and Latino American civil rights as well as an animal activist.

One simple question from CésarChávez changed Jeffrey’s life forever. “Do you eat eggs and drink milk?” took Jeffrey by surprise as well as encouraged him to go further into his research on how dairy products exploited animals beyond what he was willing to continue to ignore.

It was while doing research for his book, The Pig Who Sang to the Moon:  The Emotional World of Farm Animals, that Jeffrey Masson knew his destiny as a vegan was set in stone.

His commitment to animals is evident in dozens of the 31 books he has authored including The Face on Your Plate:  Why I am a Vegan.

Married to vegan pediatrician, Leila Masson, Jeffrey beams when talking about her commitment to animals, children’s health and sharing the vegan journey with him.

A true gift to humankind, Jeffrey Masson shows no signs of slowing down with his life’s work. His most recent book, Lost Companions: Reflections of the Death of Pets, is likely NOT the last book he will author.

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