Joanne Weiland invents industries. She is the Chief Connections Officer and Founder of the Collaboration Cloud Community:
A recovered Road Warrior, having put on more than a million miles of travel, Joanne is committed to showing experts how to connect in the most effective way possible both online and off.

Joanne connects executives, entrepreneurs, event professionals and the media all over the world. Her passion is to encourage others to experience, elevate and express – “Be all you are designed to be!”
Joanne was a Growth Hacker before she knew measuring your marketing results was called growth hacking. Because “If you can’t measure your marketing efforts don’t do it.”
Joanne is continually interviewed on radio, internet TV and pod casts around the world. Joanne has a very successful background in sales and marketing – creating global alliances before it was cool. She is an innovator of a remarkable interactive marketing and PR Platform which allows experts to find clients and have clients find you fast and with ease.
Collaborating with Affiliates and Vendors directly allows expert members to seize immediate market opportunities. Joanne has an extensive background in master minding, mind mapping, and building relationships globally.
In today’s episode on Power Up for Profits Podcast, Joanne talks about the art of networking. What you need to do, how to do it, and most importantly, the follow up.
In 2017, she created the portal to make Expert Connections that Count. Mastermind with other experts, create joint ventures, bundle your products and services to expand your reach and reputation.
The portal was created so you can find an expert, review their credentials and hire them in minutes. A process that traditionally takes months.
Convert your ideas into realities and be the first to marketing.
Designed for entrepreneurs, executives, event professionals and the media to collaborate with ease. Joanne is committed to offering everyone the choose to do what they love and love what they do – making this world a better place to live, work and play.
Tips for Attending Conferences
• Do your homework on who is attending
• Connect ahead of time
• Manage your time
• Follow up
Hobbies and Favorite Activities
• Masterminding
• Walking in nature
• Grounding daily
• Tampa Bay Film Society
Tips on Starting a Business
• Realize it takes time
• Have money saved up
• Pay off your bills as much as possible before jumping in
• Join masterminds
• Surround yourself with others in business
• Be accountable
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