I first heard of John Lee Dumas at a podcast conference. John is the kind of guy you immediately like. He’s charming, witty and engaging. This is one of his keys to what has turned out to be an incredibly successful career in the world of podcasting. Anyone who’s been around the podcast campus for any length of time has likely heard of John.

Equally, anyone who has done research on influencers in the industry definitely knows who John Lee Dumas is.

I knew John was a definite rising star. I also knew I had to have him on my show. Within minutes of striking up a conversation, John said he would be thrilled to be on my show.

Since my interview with John just over six years ago, the growth of podcast shows is far beyond what most people would have every imagined. Since that time, I have launched another show. In addition to the Power Up for Profits Show, I now host a second show, Plant Based Eating for Health. Much more niched than Power Up for Profits, the response has been incredible.

Based on what I learned from my time with John Lee Dumas, I credit his enthusiasm with sparking my passion for this medium to reach the plant based/vegan market.
I’m thrilled to grab John’s interview out of the Power Up for Profits show vault.

More About John

Recognized as a thought leader in the podcast space, John proves that no matter when you start, where you start and how you start, you can leave an incredible legacy.

John Lee Dumas is the Founder and Host of EntrepreneurOnFire, a top ranked podcast named “Best in iTunes 2013”. John interviews today’s most inspiring and successful Entrepreneurs 7-days a week and has been featured in both TIME and Inc. Magazine, and is the founder of Podcasters’ Paradise; a community where Podcasters can create, grow, and monetize their podcast. EntrepreneurOnFire generates over 450,000 unique downloads a month with past guests such as Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Barbara Corcoran, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Guy Kawasaki. Recaps of the 500+ episodes and MUCH more can be found at EOFire.com.
Listen in while John shares how he went from complete unknown to one of the most recognized names in the podcast world.
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