Twitter is one of the most powerful resources around. Yet, most people have no idea how to use it.



Enter Twitter inflluencer, John Oberg. An ethical vegan who has had hundreds of millions of views on his tweets, John is the go-to person in the vegan space for understanding and amplifying your Twitter (and other social media) efforts.

John Oberg is a social media influencer and animal advocate dedicated to making the world a kinder place for animals by utilizing the power of social media. In late 2018, he launched his own independent, patron-funded program for animals through Patreon to maximize his impact, redefining animal advocacy in the social networking space.

Previously, he served as Director of New Media for The Humane League and as Director of Communications for Vegan Outreach. Since launching his project, he has accumulated hundreds of millions of impressions of his content across social media. He recently launched an online course called Mastering Twitter to Change the World.