The Truth About Making Money with Teleseminars

July 19, 2008 – Eugene, OR –If you’re like most people, you have a wealth of information that your customers and clients would benefit from learning. Information that can change the lives of your customers and make you lots of money.

So what’s wrong? Why is that some people make tons of money with their information while others struggle to do so?

Find out during Kathleen Gage’s FREE teleseminar – The Truth about Making Money with Teleseminars.

Learn the very strategies she has been using to generate thousands of dollars every time she hosts a teleseminar.

Here’s what you will learn.
-Discover what you need to know BEFORE you develop a teleseminar in order to be wildly successful.
-Find out how to effectively market your teleseminars for practically nothing while attracting lots of listeners.
-Attract hundreds (even thousands) of eager buyers.
-Avoid the 3 major blunders …Learn what you must and must not do in developing and delivering teleseminars to avoid the mistakes most people make that prevent them from making lots of money from teleseminars.
-Avoid costly mistakes …. Discover what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making money from teleseminars.
-Plus! Find out one thing Kathleen does that guarantees she always fills her sessions and makes thousands of dollars with every FREE teleseminar she hosts.
-And much more!

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About Kathleen Gage
Kathleen Gage, CEO and founder of Turning Point, Inc. and Maxwell Publishing is a bestselling author; an internationally recognized Internet marketing and publicity expert; and an award-winning keynote speaker.

Kathleen Gage is a highly results oriented business adviser who works with speakers, coaches,  consultants, and authors who are ready to turn their knowledge and expertise into money making products and services. Her unique Street Smarts Marketing Series™ programs are designed to help her clients achieve the business results they desire in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. Visit for further information.