A while ago I decided to do a public 30 Day Challenge to get me completely on track with one area of my fitness I have often had major challenges with; my eating.

Today marks Day One of my 30 Day Health and Fitness Challenge.

You might be wondering what this challenge has to do with business.
Here’s what…in a recent conversation with JV Crum, aka The Conscious Millionaire, we both agreed that the healthier you are the better you perform in your business.
The healthier you are the more clarity you have. The more clarity you have the better you can serve your customers and clients. The better you serve your market, the more success you experience.
Even though I’ve read countless books on healthy eating, and I know what to do, I haven’t always done it. That all comes to a screeching halt today!
Throughout the 30 days I am going to journal about what I am experiencing. Why? Because journaling reveals a lot about where we are spot on with what we are doing, where the “gremlins” show up, and it’s a great way to document our progress.
At the end of the 30 days I am going to make my journal public. That’s right, if you want my journal, I will make it available to you.
You’re going to get inside my head. You’re going to be able to see exactly what my process for accomplishing my goal has been.
Are you ready to become your best you? Then you’ll want to join in by participating in the 30 day challenge. It’s FREE. It’s simple. And it very well might change not only your view about health and fitness, but also how you operate your business.
Check out this short (under 4 minutes) video to find out how.

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