Routines are good… to a point. To grow, we often have to get out of our routines which means, out of our comfort zone.

Whether it be the routine at the gym. The morning routine at home we’ve grown accustomed to. Or a routine at work.

If we do something over and over, we tend to get really good at it. We also tend to not be fully conscious of how we do things. We are moving by rote.

Changing this up, doing something we are afraid of, getting out of our comfort zone, can apply to virtually any area of our life.

After work, we often go through a routine that lands us on our favorite easy chair….day after day after day. Why not skip the easy chair tonight and go for a walk? Or play a game with your kids? Or take your spouse out for a surprise drive… just because.

Case in point

I’ve been marketing books for years. I’m actually very good at what I do, but with my upcoming memoir, and all that has changed in what’s available to authors, I have to be willing to do things I’ve not done before. Things that I might have some fear around. Simply put, I have to up my game.

The first thing I had to be willing to do is write my memoir. That, in and of itself, brought up a lot of emotion. Not only was I reliving the period I wrote about, I am pulling back the curtain on aspects of my life that, for years, I kept tucked safely away.

No more. I have to be willing to go the distance.

It’s the same with my workouts. If I do the same thing over and over, I limit my progress. However, if I’m willing to try a new way of lifting, or a new path for running or a new trail for hiking, I will have a completely different experience.

What are you willing to do?

If you want to get beyond where your at, you have to change things up. One way to do this is to hire a coach. It’s amazing how far a coach can take us under their guidance than to go things alone.