During this Facebook Live to the Podcast Rockstar Club members, Kate Kunkel shares her best strategies for getting on lots of podcast shows.

With a background in broadcast media, Kate found the jump into podcast interviews to compliment her love of this medium.
Committed to raising awareness about the healing power of the brain, Kate Kunkel is a global expert on how to reduce the risks of dementia.
Her mission is simple: To share all that she has learned about protecting the brain and the power of music and words to inspire and heal with anyone who is called to work on their own health and happiness. 
Kate offers you what she has learned to empower YOU to take the steps that YOU need to take to be all that you can, and should, be.
Listen in to learn how you can become a Rockstar Podcast Guest, insights on how to have a healthy brain and so much more.

To learn more about Kate, her book and her other products and services, visit http://www.katekunkel.com

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