With a passion for cooking, veganism and travel, Kathy Davis has successfully combined all three. A digital nomad, who is the author of three popular vegan, plant-based cookbooks, Kathy and her husband have been living in a 5th wheeler, traveling the United States for over three years. Realizing that budget was important, Kathy Davis has successfully figured out how to eat healthy, while staying on a budget.


Kathy began her vegan journey eight years ago. Yet, she’ll be the first to admit, it wasn’t always the healthiest vegan foods she consumed.

When she decided to take control of her health, she changed to more of a plant-based, vegan diet combining her passion for food, compassion to animals and cooking into a lifestyle she feels great about.

The author of three popular books, Kathy loves sharing ideas on how virtually anyone can eat healthy, save money, and enjoy the process.

She and her husband, along with two cats, travel 24/7 in their 5th wheel. Knowing that space is a factor, Kathy’s creative cooking style is fast becoming a favorite among her followers.

With a strong Instagram following, Kathy loves sharing images of her latest creation. https://www.instagram.com/veginspired/

Feeling like she is on a nonstop vacation, their lifestyle allows them to pick up and go whenever they want. If there’s a location that appeals to she and her husband, they set down roots for a few days and sometimes a few weeks.

Something she is very well known for is her ability to budget. Whether it be in the grocery store, or at the gas pump, Kathy has lots of tips and tricks for saving money.

From buying in bulk, using the store coupons, to eating as close to nature as possible, Kathy shares lots of great tips on how to save for budget conscious eaters.

Tips for Going Plant Based

Start with foods you’re familiar with and enjoy. Like potatoes. There are plenty of recipes you can use potatoes in while not giving up on flavor.

It’s simply a matter of shifting your mindset.

Be sure, if you plan to eat vegan, that you check food labels that read, “Plant Based.”

Plant based could have egg and dairy in it. Thus the reason to eat whole as much as possible.

Be willing to give yourself grace. Don’t expect to be perfect. Progress is what you’re looking for.

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