Recently I ran a 99 cent experiment on Kindle to see if the pricing makes a difference. In some cases it does. In other cases it doesn’t.
Before you can find out for yourself you need to have a Kindle eBook to sell.
Kindle books are all the rage but many people have no idea where to begin to create one.
Someone who does know is Daniel Hall. Daniel is the go to person when it comes to Kindle ebook development.
On Tuesday, August 30th I am hosting Daniel on a webinar Publish an Amazon Kindle eBook Today

Complete Step-By-Step Instructions

Join us for this event on Tuesday, August 30th @ 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern, 4pm Central, 3pm Mountain)
which I am hosting with my friend Daniel Hall.
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To maximize profits your content should be published in as many different formats as possible including on Amazon’s Kindle.
In this webinar event we will show you EVERYTHING you need to get international distribution for your content as an ebook on Amazon’s Kindle.
And here’s the kicker… you can publish on Kindle without spending a dime to do it!
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You will also find out how I managed to take my Kindle ebook (yes I learned from Daniel’s method how to get my first Kindle done) to #1 in a few categories with no cost whatsoever.Read more on this and be sure to register for Daniel’s webinar right away. We have limited seating and they will go fast.