If you’re a skilled author who has already published one or more books, this post is not for you. If, on the other hand, you’ve been thinking of writing a book and getting it up on Kindle, then what I have to say will likely be of interest.  kindle
In the years I’ve been writing Kindle books I’ve talked to countless experts who swore upside down, inside out, top to bottom, they are committed to writing books, but have yet to get their first book done.
According to Book Catch dot com over 80 percent of adults in North America dream of writing a book. That’s huge. And yet, very few will ever realize their dream.
There’s a very simple reason why the majority of people who dream of writing a book never will; they don’t have a clear route on how to get it done.
Does this describe your situation? Want a clear route? Finally ready to get your book done? Want to use your Kindle book to increase sales opportunities? Ready to quit talking and take action once and for all?
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