Does the 99 Cent Kindle version eBook Selling Strategy work?
The jury is still out for lots of authors as to whether or not the 99 cent selling strategy for a Kindle version book works. I, for one, plan to find out. And I plan to find out within the next 48 hours.
I am a members of several author forums and groups both in LinkedIn and elsewhere. When information surfaced about Amanda Hocking, an avid writer for many of her young 26 years making millions from selling her 99 cent ebooks there were those who cheered her and others who said they would never stoop so low as to sell their works for so little.
Then there were the heated discussions about John Locke’s success with his book, How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months!
Countless angry authors jumped on the bandwagon to say, “I guess the way to make a million with Kindle ebooks is to write a book on how I did so.”
If anyone read Mr. Locke’s book they would quickly realize that he sold over a million eBooks with his novels NOT with his eBook about how he had over a million downloads. They would also know he gave the exact strategies for how he sold so much.
Human nature is such that we tend to judge without knowing the full story. The fact is, many authors are making a great living selling low cost versions of their books. On the flip side there are plenty of authors who can’t give their work away.
Is selling an eBook for 99 cents the right thing to do or not? Personally, if I make my millions 99 cents at a time, so be it. I’m all for it.
The following comment was posted on my blog when I wrote about Amanda Hockings.
“My friend made a decent chunk of change by selling his ebooks on the Kindle marketplace for just $0.99. He didn’t get rich but he sure made a lot more money than I thought was possible when selling such low-priced items.”

What price point you sell your Kindle eBooks at is entirely up to you, but before making a final decision consider a few important
1. Most buyers don’t have to put much thought into pressing the “buy now” button for a 99 cent decision.
2. You reach readers you may otherwise not reach by selling low.
3. Depending on the genre of the book you can use the 99 cent version as a marketing tool.
4. If you do sell tons of copies you can laugh all the way to the bank.
On the flip-side, you may not sell many copies at all. I daresay that won’t feel very good to any author.
Being one who loves testing a theory I decided to put my eBook, 101 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door to the test. Until Monday, August 1, 2011 I have priced it at only 99 cents to test this price point. After that I raise the price. That’s right, I am testing this out for a very, very limited time period.
Buy your 99 cent copy now. Click here.
The paperback version sells for nearly $20, but you get it for 95% off the full price. Am I crazy? Maybe. Will I sell a lot? I have no idea.
What I do know though is I will be watching my numbers to see if the book rises on the charts.
The fact is, when a book does go up the Amazon charts you open yourself up to other potential buyers. When your book does extremely well you have other marketing opportunities with your new found position such as blog postings, media releases, tweets, mentions on your Facebook wall and posting in LinkedIn to name just a handful of activities you would benefit from partaking if the strategy works.
Is 101 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door any good? Rather than me telling you, check out reviews of the book. Then
click the “buy now” button. After all, it’s only 99 cents for you and a way to test a theory for me. Besides, it’s a fun read. Click here to get your own copy.
Here is my current Kindle version position.

Buy your 99 cent copy now. Click here.
I will share the results of sales rankings for 101 Ways in an upcoming blog post.
So what are your thoughts on selling your Kindle version book for a low price? Comments welcome.