Kristi Davis grew up in dairy country… an environment that fully supported a lifestyle of meat and dairy. As a result, she watched her weight balloon to a very unhealthy 300 plus pounds.



Kristi battled obesity most of her life, resulting in trying any number of diets. With each failed attempt, she grew more frustrated with each diet she attempted.

Resigning herself to the fact that diets didn’t work, Kristi had no intention of trying yet one more diet, when she discovered Plant-Based eating.

Yet, that was when her weight, mindset and life dramatically changed. 

Before going Plant-Based, Kristi dealt with several health issues.

Desperate for answers to her failing health, she spent a great deal of money on testing without any definitive answers.


Prayer is the Answer


As a woman of faith, she turned to the one thing that brought her comfort… prayer.

As she suspected, prayer gave her the answer. Yet, the answer that came to her was a foreign concept.

“Let food be thy medicine.”

Not sure what this even meant, Kristi began researching in earnest.

Her research led her to several vegan and Plant-Based documentaries. It didn’t take more than a couple of documentaries for Kristi to realize how inhumane, toxic and unhealthy, eating animal products was.


Her decision to give up meat and dairy was one she made in an instant, but not one she took lightly.




Having given up on diets, Kristi was amazed when weight began to literally melt off her body.

It was the combination of yoga and whole food Plant-Based eating that made the biggest difference. Since committing to this way of life, she has not looked back.

With the release of 115 pounds, Kristi is adamant that it’s not what she lost, but rather what she gained that’s made a world of difference. She gained a sense of peace, self-love, self-worth, and confidence.

Realizing the incredible transformation she experienced, Kristi became a certified yoga instructor and vegan nutrition health coach.

Her coaching practice shifted from nutrition coaching to mindset coach due to the number of people opening up to her about their own struggles in various aspects of their life.

Through her business, Redeemed Coaching, Kristi helps clients around the globe to discover what holds them back from being the person they desire to be.

With Redeemed Coaching, Kristi utilizes one-on-one personal coaching, webinars, group coaching and public speaking to bring awareness to confidence and self-love.

One of her popular programs is a virtual self-paced program called 21-day Mindset Reset Challenge.  

Another program is the Redeemed Eating which focuses on a whole food, Plant-Based eating protocol.

One of the most beneficial services Kristi offers is an in person customized retreats at her resort.

She brings together a well-rounded holistic protocol including yoga, nutritional eating and personal development coaching.  

One of her favorite places to introduce Plant-Based meals is at her church when parishioners get together for Bible study. It’s her way of feeing love to her friends.


Raising Awareness


“We’ve had a lot of conversations within the church world about Plant-Based eating because a lot of people in my church network say, ‘God put animals on this earth to eat.’”

When the opportunity presents itself, Kristi loves sharing her insights about why she continues to live as a plant based, vegan.

She recommends people watch documentaries to further understand why her choice is so aligned for her.  

“We are on such autopilot when it comes to what the media is telling us to do. Our friends are telling us what to do. Our family has told us what our values are, and we don’t even know who we are. So doing the reset is huge.”

Kristi has a very intimate understanding of why people get into people pleasing. The very behavior that creates many of the self-destructive behaviors that cause very unhealthy lifestyle choices.

She also understands how important mindset is and knows she has been called to work with people in many ways to live their best lives possible.