From student to entrepreneur, Jelena Vukcevic, is a trailblazer in her own right.

She started in 2014 organizing events for the biggest student entrepreneur club in Switzerland as the VP of marketing and growing the community of student entrepreneurs.

Shortly after joining the entrepreneur club, she and her team organized the Fu*ck Up Nights. Based on the premise that anything is possible, the event was mentioned in several newspapers across Switzerland. As a result of the event’s success, it has been modeled after by different entrepreneurial organizations across Switzerland.

In 2018, Jelena co-founded together the Swiss chapter of Women Techmakers with three other driven women.

Women Techmakers is a global initiative from Google for women in tech. Just a few months after the launch, Jelena organized, together with her co-founders, the biggest hackathon for women only. Like previous events Jelena led the way on, this too was featured in the local newspaper of Zurich.

After successfully building communities in different niches, Jelena founded her current community of vegan businesswomen in September 2021. The mission of Lady V community is to support, guide and mentor vegan women to grow their businesses by organizing expert talks, community meetups, goal-setting workshops, and much more.

Highlights from the interview

02:03 It started with health issues

04:00 What it means to be a “full” vegan

05:40 From FU*CK Up Nights to a community of vegan women

08:20 Top benefits of Lady V community

10:40 Greatest mishap in achieving goals

12:15 A cross-section of niches represented

14:10 How to market your business the Lady V way

17:50 Getting value out of membership

20:30 Words of wisdom when starting a business

More information on Jelena and the Lady V community

LinkedIn Lady V Community  CLICK HERE

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