Three years ago I picked up the sport of running. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would turn into something I’m very passionate about. Yet, here I am, a few months shy of the three year anniversary of my first full marathon and I’m still at it.

What makes this so different for me is that my first marathon was right around my 61st birthday.

Some would say, “That’s rather late to start… don’t you think?”

Actually, no I don’t. It’s never to late to start something new.

Sadly, many people live their lives with the belief that due to the age they are restricted by the hands of time.

Am I a fast runner? Oh hellllllll no! Actually, I would be considered a slow runner, but a runner all the same.

Recently, I enjoyed participating in a 10k race. It was hosted by EWeb to raise funds for people in Eugene who need help with their utility bills.

What a great way to enjoy my Sunday… doing something good for my mind, body and soul while also doing something good for others.

Downside of Sunday Runs

The only thing I don’t like about Sunday races is I usually to miss Sunday service at the Center for Spiritual Living. And yet, a great run is very spiritual to me. I’m in a total space of gratitude that my legs, arms, ears, heart, eyes and all other essentials are functioning at top level.

It was frigging cold when I got to the starting area. (28 degrees to be exact)

While waiting for the race to begin, I hung out with some of my running buddies. Three short years ago, I didn’t have any running friends. Now, I have quite a few.

These women are in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and like me, some in their 60’s. I

Are You Settling?

Many people do settle. They buy into the belief that as they get older, they have to slow down, act their age (whatever the heck that means) and settle for.

The fact is, you DON’T have to settle for the status quo. Life can get pretty darned exciting after you turn 50. And watch out when you hit 60.

How you age is 90% based on your mindset. With the right mindset you are willing to do things you otherwise wouldn’t do…. like run a 10k race in below freezing weather… just because. (Not that you need to run a 10k… it could be something completely different, but still signifies pushing limits).

With the wrong mindset, you settle for a life of mediocrity. Chances are, that’s NOT what you want.

I know I sure don’t.

How Do You Know If You’re Settling?

There are some tell-tell signs you might be settling for less than you deserve in life. One sign is that you’re often tired… for no apparent reason. If you’re tired much of the time, you are likely in a job, career, relationship or living arrangement you’re not happy with.

Another sign you’re settling for is when you constantly give up your power of decision making to others. And then you blame them for things being the way they are.

Yet another sign is you constantly say, “When I have “X” I will be happy.”

There are plenty more signs, but these are three very obvious ones.

Are You Ready to Play Full Out

A proven way to let go of settling for the status quo is to push your own limits. You have to give yourself permission to go beyond where you’re currently at in life. Only you can make change happen from the inside out.

Another way is to surround yourself others who are done playing small.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn.

Hang Out with Me For a Day

If you’re a woman of a certain age who is tired of the status quo and you’re ready to make your life one others will look to and say, “Dang, that’s one amazing woman,” join me for a one day, in-person experience on January 10th in Portland, Oregon where we will shatter any beliefs you have about settling for the status quo.

You’ll have the opportunity so spend a day with other women who are letting go of the status quo. This is going to be an outstanding experience for all concerned.

I love starting the year with an outstanding experience. And that’s exactly why I decided to host Rock Star Visibility. Check it out.

This is a live, in-person event in Portland, Oregon. You have the opportunity to spend the day with other women who are committed to living fully and making their business a vehicle for change. And… you get to hang out with me for the day too!

Plan For a Great 2018

This will be a perfect environment to plan out the coming year.

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I promise you this… it will be a game changer.