Decades long human rights advocate, Laurie Levin, talks about the why being vegan for over 10 years is a huge aspect of her advocacy work. Laurie is committed to raising awareness about the atrocities women throughout the world experience on a daily basis due to inequality.

Early in her 20’s, Laurie headed the reproductive rights efforts for NOW-St. Louis. She was the Missouri Coordinator for a Department of Peace working alongside Marianne Williamson. She was the Missouri co-chair of Room to Read–a global non-profit that focuses on girls’ education and children’s literacy in Asia and Africa.
She was co-chair of the Missouri Executive Women for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign.
Laurie refers to herself as a Transformation Coach as she helps others transform and master their own well-being. She specializes in optimal nutrition, healthy weight loss, and the leading HeartMath® stress reduction techniques.
Laurie has been a featured speaker on each of these topics at corporations, wellness events and retreats, schools and universities, hospitals, ex-convict re-entry programs, and cancer support organizations.

She has an MBA, is a Certified Coach, and HeartMath® Certified Coach, supporting clients globally to achieve their health and well-being goals.
Laurie spent 25 years in corporate America, leaving as a Vice President of one of the largest U.S. national research companies. She went on to start her own business in the health field in 200l.

The Correlation to Animal Abuse and Violence

Laurie became a vegan when she realized what the animals endured through factory farming. Having a deep love of animals, she intuitively knew she could eat healthy without animals having to die.

There is a direct correlation to how we treat animals and the abuse that we’ve often become numb to. This is a primary reason Laurie is an ethical vegan. As a child she recalls times when driving with her family as they passed by trucks filled with pigs being taken to slaughter. She could not control her tears. Little did she know this was the beginning of her choice to live as a vegan decades later.
It was when she read Diet for a New America by John Robbins that Laurie understood the connection she felt to these sentient beings over 50 years before.
Everything is connected; the planet, the world, the energy that it takes to mass produce and slaughter animals. When people choose to consume animal products with a complete disregard for the treatment of animals that are slaughtered for these products, there is a direct connection to the amount of violence we experience.

Women’s Lives Ended in the Newspaper

The catalyst for her writing Call Me a Woman occurred when she read a story about a young woman who was raped and murdered. “When I realized her life ended in the newspaper, I knew I could not let the stories of women from around the world be told,” Laurie reflects.
The book started as a poem. 15 years later, the poem became her recently released book. It took this long to become a book due to the amount of research she put into the manuscript.
Call Me A Woman begins with a personal story of Levin’s early years. She describes how the loss of her mother and multiple sexual assaults, including rape, led to her life’s calling. Call Me A Woman provides real life experiences, global studies, and insights, and the 7 Habits of Equality that will reshape the world into one where all children have equal opportunities, from the beginning to the end of their lives.
Her research revealed the most dangerous countries for women’s safety. Countries like India, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen. What surprises many people is that the United States is in the top 10 most unsafe countries for women.
According to Levin, many people don’t believe there is this much violence against women in the U.S. Yet, there are between three to five women murdered every day by men in the United States.
These types of statistics continue to fuel Laurie’s advocacy.

Commitment to Humanities Well-Being

Laurie has always been hopeful, despite all that has occurred, there is hope for people to choose a more compassionate way of living. She helps people to transform through being a certified, HeartMath© coach.
Using the simple HeartMath techniques you can create an optimal heart-brain connection, regardless of what is going on in your life. HeartMath is used by Navy SEALs, major universities, corporations around the globe, police officers and elementary schools with phenomenal results.
With as disconnected as people are from their hearts, this is a solution Laurie knows makes a huge difference in one’s ability to function is a very stressful world.

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