Recently I watched a video featuring ten very famous people who shared insights about Law of Attraction. People like Denzel Washington, Lady Gaga and Jim Carrey. Each had something profound to share.

It’s a pretty well-known fact that Jim Carrey wrote himself a post-dated $10,000,000 check. The date was five years from the day he wrote it. He carried the check around in his wallet from that day forward.

Needless to say, the check became tattered, torn and had seen better days. As the story goes, only days before the date on the check, Jim was signed to a movie for $10,000,000. He achieved his goal.

Reality is Very Different

Although the story is great, the reality is far from this simple. Truth be told, in addition to visualizing his success, he worked his flipping ass off. He did things that most others would have been very discouraged by. He was willing to do what others were not. Thus, his results.

Does work alone mean we will achieve the outcomes we want? Not at all. There are plenty of people who work super hard and yet, accomplish very little.

Jim Carrey’s secret to success

To simply think all Jim Carrey did was carry a check around with him and miraculously he manifested a $10,000,000 deal is to live in the illusion of lies. There was a lot of action that took place leading up to his successful outcome.

Lots of people would like to think all they have to do is write something down, visualize the outcome and presto, they manifest the “thing.”

Truth be told, you must have action behind the vision. You must put effort into what you do. You have pay your dues.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is likely blowing smoke.

Does the effort have to be a drudgery? No. It can be a great experience. But it must be done nonetheless.

More than Visualization

To say all you need do is visualize what you want is such hooey! I see this all the time with people who say they want to write a book. They talk and talk and talk and do no writing. You have to do the work to get the outcome.

How many published authors would not have their books written if all they did was write down the goal and spend time visualizing what they want rather than sit down and write?

Or what about the runner who decides to participate in a marathon. If they simply think about the outcome they want and fail to put effort into their training, their results will likely not be desirable.

I think of all the effort I put into training for the races I participate in. Sure, I definitely visualize crossing the finish line AND I also work my butt off in preparation. When I trained for the 2017 Eugene Half Marathon, I had days I trained in the freezing cold. Days it was pouring down rain. Days I would be out of town and train in areas that had high temps and humidity.

I didn’t wait for the perfect conditions. I trained regardless of the conditions.

It’s the same for Jim Carrey, Lady Gaga, Michael Phelps, Stephen King, or anyone who is manifesting an amazing life. They get out and do what needs to be done regardless of outward circumstances.

The Magical Combination

The bottom line is this; it’s a combination of visualizing, writing down what you want, taking action, managing your state of mind and consistency that creates results.

I’m definitely a proponent of visualization. The act of visualization helps you to stay focused on your outcome. The focus supports you in the actions you take. The actions get you closer to your outcome every single day.

Whatever it is you say you want, are you willing to put time and effort into the outcome? Are you willing to manage your state of mind? Are you willing to take action each and every day? And most of all, are you willing to work you ass off?

If you said YES! you are well on your way to manifestation of your wildest dreams.